Terms of Payment

Upon scheduling a photo session (family, babies, newborn, kids, pregnancy , bat/bar mitzvah, portraits and  mentoring) you will be required to pay a deposit in the amount of 500 NIS.

The remainder of the payment will be made in full on the photo session day .

You can pay by paypal /credit / cash / bank transfer.

An invoice will be given on each transaction

(It is advisable to send a text message or an email in order to confirm the transaction.)

Terms of Cancellation
The transaction may be canceled within 14 days from the day the agreement as long it’s at least 7 working days before the photo session.

Cancellation of 48 hours or less before the session will not entitle to any refund nor rescheduled session.

Cancellation of the agreement entails payment of 5% of the advance payment 

Terms of Delaying

Delaying the session date : Up to 48 hours before the photo session, the date can be postponed and the price agreed upon will still be guaranteed, provided that the session will be completed within two months from the the original date.

If the session can not be redeemed within two months from the original session date , the advance payment will be credited to you and it will be possible to choose any of the studio packages according to their price at the session date and to pay the balance.

For any questions you may contact

Anda  +972- 54- 4878844